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讲座信息:Nanoparticulate gold catalysts for air purification





报告人:Toru Murayama

报告人简介Toru Murayama 教授,毕业于东京工业大学,先后任职于北海道大学(任助理教授),首都大学东京(副教授)。现为首都大学东京金催化研究所教授,所长。Toru Murayama 教授长期从事于金催化剂在工业催化中的基础研究和应用,取得了丰富的成果。发表了包括Nat. Commun.Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.多篇论文,和Fiji ChemicalThe Chugoku Electric Power Co. Inc.展开了产业化研究

报告摘要:Gold was regarded as an inactive element for longer than a century. However, it exhibits unique catalytic properties when deposited as nanoparticles (NPs) below 5 nm in diameter on a variety of materials such as oxides, carbides, and sulfides of transition metals, carbons, and organic polymers. The catalytic performance of gold NPs and clusters with diameters smaller than 2 nm has been explored extensively for reactions of both gases and liquids. Supported gold catalysts are useful for air cleaning at room temperature and for green production of bulk and fine chemicals. Supported gold clusters are expected to open a door for simple chemistry, which enables us to selectively produce what we need. We are currently investigating the size and structure specificity of gold and exploring suitable support materials for air purification elimination.


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